Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Weekend Notes

The last weekend of summer, and the many new beginnings associated with September, always make the Labor Day holiday a little bittersweet. It's hard to embrace saying goodbye to the long, balmy days of August.

As a coping mechanism, almost everyone I knew had some sort of vacation/city-escape plan in place. But, not us.

It's taken a few years to realize this, but the best days in the city are often the ones where everyone's away! The Mr. and I have outsmarted the system... Our vacation is planned for early-October!

So, we filled our three-day "stay-cation" with a few of our favorite things:

Saturday morning breakfast of Wild Blueberry Doughnuts and Iced Coffees from our favorite neighborhood Bakery.

Spin class with friends at Soul Cycle's flagship studio is nothing short of energizing!

A late-lunch of perfect, Maine-style Lobster Rolls, direct from the best: Luke's!

We hoped to golf HERE, but it looked like rain.

So, we embarked on a TV marathon: Breaking Bad and The Tudors.

And, we planned our next vacation! Who know's where we're going? Can't wait! 

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