Thursday, April 19, 2012

BIG CITY, small world

Moving is always extremely overwhelming… No matter how well you organize, and pack, and then unpack. It almost seems never-ending.

But, good news, I’m happy to announce, it’s almost complete! A few of our key furniture pieces will be delivered tomorrow morning (which is wonderful, since we’ve only had a mattress for a week) and our downtown space will start to feel a little more like home. More styling and décor tips to come!
One thing has always surprised me about New York: How can it be so big, yet seem so small?
This thought has entered my mind a few times now, since we’ve arrived and it’s only been one week. I guess, in a city filled with 8 million people, you learn to appreciate the little things that truly make a place your own.
Last Saturday, we were invited over to our brother and sister-in-law’s apartment for dinner. It was a gorgeous night, so we lit the BBQ and enjoyed some good wine and fun company on the rooftop. After several hours, the street noise started to quiet down, but yet, the dull roar of our conversations continued. Sometimes, the city can be the most memorable when you feel like you’re the only ones in it.
Another instance... Monday was our first night in our new apartment in Tribeca. As mentioned above, we had a slight hiccup with deliveries over the weekend, so the only piece to arrive was the mattress. I wanted to check my email and watch a little TV after work, so I situated myself in a nice chair in the lounge of our building (because our cable and Internet have yet to be connected). In the lounge, who do I see? A sorority sister from college watching the hockey games with her husband. Such a welcoming surprise and a very, very small world! We're so looking forward to spending time with our friendly neighbors soon!
*Image via Lion is the New Black

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