Monday, April 30, 2012

Garden in the City

April showers bring May flowers... True, even for urban apartment dwellers!

My sister-in-law and I spent Saturday afternoon 'gardening away' in hopes of turning their urban rooftop into a more zen-like space. The area receives direct sunlight all day... Perfect conditions for many flowers and most vegetables and herbs. 

As we had a lot of ground ('rooftop') to cover, we divided our tasks accordingly. I focused on the vegetables and herbs, and Trish handled all the flowers. 

The vegetables were planted in a large bed of organic soil and peat moss, mixed with Miracle Grow fertilizer. 

Twine divided the bed into 12 inch sections, to ensure proper spacing for growth. We decided to use seeds for the vegetables: Radishes, Green Beans, Green Peas and Butter Lettuce. Since tomatoes grow quite large, those were placed in their own large pot.

For the herbs, we purchased seedlings. I can't wait to have an abundance of fresh basil on-hand for all my summer-time recipes! 

What I love most about Trish's rooftop garden is her use of vertical greenery and flowers to cover the, otherwise boring, cement walls. These vines are very young, but just imagine what they will look like mid-summer!

Happy Gardening!

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