Monday, April 23, 2012

Neon and Polka Dot Presents

As I've mentioned previously on the blog, probably several times, I absolutely LOVE all things paper. Let's be honest, don't we all agree that the prettiness of a package truly makes a present more memorable? Ahem, that's what I thought.

Homemade wrapping paper has recently become very trendy. And, this little number caught my eye because of it's pop-of-color and simplicity. The only supplies needed include:

Kraft Paper (Brown or white)
Stickers (Neon office dots are perfect, but any bright sticker will do)
Twine or Ribbon
(Present... Obviously!)

Another fun variation on this DIY is decorating with colourful Washi tape. 

Simply use different lengths and patterns to decorate your gift box. And, be sure to tie with a brightly coloured ribbon or natural twine. 

*Image via Project Wedding

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