Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Organized Chef

My favorite room in our apartment is by far the kitchen! I think this is partially due to the fact our home has beautiful stainless steel appliances, a dishwasher (!!!) and the space can fit both the Mr. and I comfortably at the same time... A luxury for downtown apartments in New York City.

And, to be honest, I'm pretty sure I enjoy organizing our kitchen almost as much as I enjoy cooking in it. Here are a few simple tricks that have simplified my cooking style and made it so much fun!

1. Location, Location, Location

Storing frequently used items near the stove is essential to simplifying the cooking process. All my heat resistant tools are organized neatly in a stainless steel canister for easy access at any time. And, because I constantly taste my dishes prior to serving, I like having a jar of sea salt and a pepper mill within reach for last minute seasoning adjustments. 

2.  Be A Clean Machine

Nothing is more unappetizing than a dirty kitchen counter or a sink full of dishes. Be sure to wipe all surfaces clean during meal preparations to prevent contamination and shorten clean-up. I also load the dishwasher, as I finish using cooking tools, so I don't have to spend additional time rinsing later. 

3.  Know What You Own, Use What You Have

It's time to say goodbye to the "catch all" drawer. Organize your cutlery and kitchen tools so you can easily see what's in your drawer. You'll be amazed at the time, energy and money saved. 

4.  The Coffee Nook

Kitchen preparations are much easier when "like" items are stored near where you use them. Especially when it comes to making my morning coffee.

5. Clean, Organized Shelves

Organize your shelves in a neat, logical way. Doing this will maximize space and protect your dishes from breaking. I like to keep everyday dinnerware together. Pots, pans and bake ware are stored in another shelf.

6.  A Perfect Pantry

A well, put together pantry is easy to do and essential for the at home cook. I like to organize the shelves by function: Baking, Spices, Snacks. Using airtight jars will ensure products stay fresh. And, be sure to seal bags tightly with clips. I purchase mine at the container store. When it comes to spices, I like to store mine in a small, bamboo box. That way, it can easily be removed while I'm cooking.


  1. E, SO fun to see your kitchen! It's beautiful and you gave me some great ideas for oganizing my own :) Thanks for posting!

    1. Thanks, Lauren! I'm still working on finding the right kitchen rug and a piece of artwork for the wall, but that will come in time... You know how that goes! I'm loving your blog, as well... It's so fun to read!