Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Valentine's Day Baking Essentials

I can always justify a reason to bake, especially on Valentine's Day! While I'm still finalizing exactly what I'll be making for the Mr :) ... Rest assured, it will involve LOTS of chocolate. So, as I continue to ponder and flip through cookbooks, here are a few of my favorite kitchen tools for homemade and love-filled sweet treats. Enjoy!
Heart-shaped cookie cutters are essential for making these yummy treats: conversation hearts.

Who else loves red velvet cupcakes?

Share your recipes with a friend on cute cards like these.

Stay organized by pre-measuring ingredients into latte bowls.

There's nothing wrong with having an apron collection. 

How to write... on a cake, or plate.

Gourmet doughnuts make for a perfect Valentine's Day breakfast. 

Decorating desserts with sugar and sprinkles is the best part of baking!

Cookbooks from pretty pastry shops are charming.

Last but not least... Williams-Sonoma is my "go to" for all cooking essentials... Like my bright red spatulas.

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