Monday, February 4, 2013

Modern Workout Day 3:: Ballet Beautiful

Last week was SO cold and windy in New York. The gloomy, grey days made the work week seem endless and depleted my energy. All I wanted was to be at home in our warm, cozy apartment.

As there was no getting me to the gym, I had to resort to a workout DVD to maintain my fitness routine. I've never been a big fan these types of things because they're just awkward.

However, Ballet Beautiful is different. The philosophy is that you can really transform any body type int one looking like a ballerina: long, lean, sculpted and strong, but still very elegant.

Sound too good to be true? Let's give it a try!

Mary Helen Bowers, former member of the New York City Ballet, instructs the entire practice. She is probably more famous for teaching Natalie Portman the technique needed for her role in Black Swan.

The workout is divided into six 10-minute segments: Inner Thighs, Outer Thighs, Arms, Abs, Standing and the Bridge. The only equipment needed is a yoga mat. But, I'm sure if you had a carpet or a rug, that would suffice.

During each interval, Bowers teaches proper ballet form and pushes you to stretch and lengthen your muscles... Toes pointed, chin up, core engaged.

At no point over the entire hour did I break a sweat. But, I can assure you, I felt relaxed, confident and toned. The exercises were calming, yet vigorous in nature. And, I felt stretched, but quite sore the next day.

While this workout won't blast the calories like Soul Cycle and Boxing... That's not the intention. Ballet Beautiful provides the techniques to build and maintain the beauty, grace and strength of a ballerina.

For the days when you need a little extra time at home, Ballet Beautiful is the perfect solution.

*Images via Vogue

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