Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Make It:: Gold Clay Bowls

{wit + delight}

{wit + delight}

I fell in love with these delicate, gold-dipped bowls, when I spotted them on Camille Styles and wit + delight. I couldn't resist giving them a try!

The result... Gorgeous homemade faux-porcelain dishes pretty enough to be found in an antique shop. I'm going to make a few more for Valentine's Day gifts!

Make It: Gold Clay Bowl Supplies
1 Block Natural/White Air Dry Clay
Rolling Pin
X-Acto Knife
White Acrylic Paint
Gold Acrylic Paint
Clear Gloss Finishing Spray (optional)

1. Remove desired amount of clay, roll into a ball, and flatten with rolling pin to about 1/2 inch thickness.

2. Use another bowl as a mold for your clay. I chose to cut the edges of my clay for a more abstract design.

3. Allow clay to dry in the dish overnight.

4. Once dry, remove clay from the dish. Sand the edges with sand paper, if needed. Paint the entire clay dish (inside and outside) with white paint. Allow the white paint to dry.

5. Then, paint your fun designs in gold! Allow gold paint to dry before spraying clear gloss finishing spray. And that's it!

This gold dish will hold my business cards perfectly!

{Martha Stewart Weddings}

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