Thursday, January 26, 2012

Saving Face

In the dead of winter, it takes a little more effort to hydrate parched skin, especially on your face!

I've certainly had to amp up my beauty regime this year because my skin is naturally on the dry side. If your current lotions just aren't doing the trick, I highly recommend these soothing solutions!

1. Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil, $39.00. Oil breaks down oil, making this cleanser highly effective in removing all traces of make-up and sunscreen without dehydrating the skin. I love that I can wash my face in one easy step!

2. Chanel Hydromax + Active Serum, $82.00. An ultra-hydrating serum that bring immediate moisture and relief to very dry skin. This serum has done wonders for my skin. It's silky smooth and only a small amount is needed to be extremely effective.

3. Clinique All About Eyes, $29.00. A moisture-rich cream that diminishes the look of under eye circles, shadows and fine-lines. I just started using eye cream and this one is fantastic!

4. La Mer, $140.00. A legendary and luxurious face cream that instantly soothes skin. It's worth every penny!

5. Dr. Perricone MD Omega 3 Dietary Supplement, $38.00. A supplement that helps to regulate weight and perfect skin. This superstar of supplements is derived from wild sockeye salmon—the purest and most powerful resource of Omega 3 and DMAE.

6. Kiehl's Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50, $34.00. Always wear sunscreen, even in the winter! This formulation is my favorite because it's not greasy. And, it prevents up to 90% of skin aging.


  1. Ellen...what a great beauty wonder you have such GREAT skin! There is also a fantastic organic product that is sold a Riverside is a "Pumpkin/Vanilla" Hydrating face mask...give it a try the next time you are there. :) I Hugs, Tamara

    1. Thanks, Tamara! I will have to try that at Riverside Spa... I haven't been in a while, so should go soon! I'm glad you entered the cookbook giveaway too... Kinda fun!

      See you soon!

  2. Love this post! For the Chanel Hydromax + Active Serum, do you use this at night or morning? I'm in the market for a new daytime moisturizer and wonder if this one make make the grade?

    Tartan & Sequins

    1. Thanks, Julia! Well, I use the serum in addition to a moisturizer because I have very dry skin. But, this product is wonderful. I use it both in the morning and evening. You could do either one depending on your skin. I've never used a serum before this winter and it's made such a difference for me... I highly recommend! Let me know what you decide!