Monday, January 14, 2013

Modern Workout Day 1:: AEROBARRE

Last week, I announced my need for a new fitness challenge. No longer will I simply "go through the motions" of my daily workout, but I will fully commit to new challenges, beyond my comfort zone!

This new exercise routine kicked-off Wednesday evening. My sister-in-law, Trish, chose the class and studio: AEROBARRE at AEROSPACE. AEROBARRE is an amazing ballet, boxing and sculpting workout that takes the grace of a ballerina and the grit of a boxer and fuses them together for an original workout that stays true to their arts and provides the most balanced workout you may ever experience.

Founders Michael Olajide, Jr. and Leila Fazel teach almost every class at this celebrity-packed studio, so it was no surprise that Leila started class promptly at 6:00 PM. 

Class opened with a 10 minute warm-up, composed of basic ballet positions and slow movements. We then grabbed a jump rope and weights, for 45 hard minutes of aero-tone intervals.  Jump Rope - Box - Ballet. Jump Rope - Box - Ballet. Jump Rope - Box - Ballet. The combination of these three rotations plays havoc on your muscles. My legs were literally shaking at some points!  

While the cardiovascular intensity of the class was high, the most difficult aspect, being a beginner, was keeping up with the boxing sequences. When I got home, the Mr. had to show me the correct stance and tweak my jabs and punches because I struggled to keep up. I'm determined to get better, however, because the class was so fun!

While this was Trish's first AEROBARRE class, she has been frequenting the gym for over a year now (needless to say, her boxing technique stood out compared to mine, haha). Let's see what she had to say:

"First things first.....GREAT JOB ELLEN!!! You made it through your first class of AEROBARRE! And, despite your claim that your skills as a ballerina had long since faded, you handled the class quite elegantly….putting me to shame.

It’s been just over a year since my first visit to AEROSPACE, and like Ellen my visit was an effort to rejuvenate my workout routine, which had become mundane. You all know what I am talking about…. jamming in the headphones, lifting weights and doing all sorts of other ridiculous exercises to give your toosh a lift, like walking backwards on an inclined treadmill. All this just wasn’t doing it for me anymore.

But then I found AEROSPACE...

I won’t lie, starting at AEROSPACE is demanding. The classes require coordination, endurance and pure perseverance to get through them and the days that follow, as your body works to repair the sore aching muscles. No doubt you will hear the same voice I heard, whispering in my ear “never go back”, but you have to flick that little-horned-pitchfork-armed-demon off your shoulder and tell him to “never come back!.”  I’m glad that I did because after going to a couple classes plus some one-on-one sessions with Leila, it quickly became apparent to me that my previous routine wasn’t mundane but worse, it was motionless, breathless, it was DEAD, DEAD, DEAD!

AEROSPACE resuscitated my whole fitness routine. Even though the classes were challenging and frustrating, the encouragement of the AEROSPACE community kept me going back.  

The progress that I’ve achieved in my jump rope/boxing skills over the past year has been mentally rewarding and has spurred additional motivation to see these skills continue to develop, and not solely focusing on seeing my toosh improve…. although it certainly is a nice perk …….lol!"

*Image via AEROSPACE

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