Thursday, February 2, 2012

Love, Defined By The Sartorialist

{this is glamorous}

If you're not aware of The Sartorialist, you ought to be introduced.

Years back, Scott Schuman had to leave his career in fashion sales for family reasons. More specifically, to take care of his daughter.

However, his passion for photography and fashion never left him. Scott began carrying his camera around the streets of New York City, capturing images of everyday people, that in his eyes represented "style". Scott shared his captivating images with the world on his blog, The Sartorialist. Since then, he's known for pioneering fashion photography in blog form.

It's beautiful how he can capture an ordinary person engaged in an everyday moment.

Scott recently launched a Facebook page, and this is one of his recent postings. I think it's a lovely representation of how romantic love is... No matter how small the moment. With Valentine's Day approaching, I hope you enjoy!

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