Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wedding Wednesday:: DIY Calligraphy

{jones design company}

If I had to choose one wedding element that would never go out of style, I would have to say the art of beautifully written calligraphy. It's always a classic choice, but these days, can have a contemporary twist, making it even more romantic and whimsical.

I was thrilled to find this tutorial from Jones Design Company, on how to 'fake' this beautiful writing. So, let's give it a try! 

First, choose a good fine tip ink pen.

Now, write your letter. You can use pencil first, if you prefer.

To give your letter a "calligraphy feel", make the down-strokes thicker and filled-in, as if you were using an angled calligraphy pen.

Everytime your pen strokes go downward, draw a close line and fill it in.

There you have it! Here's another example of the word love written in cursive.

Then, fill in the downward pen strokes.

Simple, gorgeous, DIY calligraphy. Happy writing!

Images via Oh So Beautiful Paper

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