Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A New Fitness Challenge

About a month ago, as I mindlessly climbed on the elliptical machine, I realized that I had fallen into a fitness rut! Who else has been there? 

As I gave more thought to my lack of motivation... The reason was simple. I've basically had the same gym membership and workout routine, since I graduated from college. My 45 minute, semi-hard workouts certainly had their benefits... But, I've definitely reached a plateau and my muscles have become used to the same repetitive exercies. Hence, I'm not improving my strengh, endurance or flexibility. Ah, yikes... No wonder I'm in need of a change! So, here we go... It's time to shake things up a little bit. 

Over the next few weeks, you'll find me exercising beyond my comfort zone; fully embracing the new world of gym classes NYC has to offer. And don't you worry, each class will be followed by a review, with commentary from not just me, but also my sister-in-law. We're in this together!

Our first class will be tonight at boutique boxing studio, AEROSPACE NYC!

Former middleweight boxing champ Michael Olajide Jr. and ballet dancer Leila Fazel (who also created Ian Schrager’s Agua spas), opened this sleek, industrial-looking fitness center in the meatpacking district in 2005. The studio offers a handful of total-body workout classes, all of which use a variation of techniques that stem from boxing, including the signature Aerobox class, the upper-body-focused Aerosculpt, and Aero3, which, like the rest of the classes offered here, is set to loud dance music and uses only free weights and jump ropes for equipment, focusing on footwork sequences that require not only endurance but quite a bit of coordination. Aerobarre, taught by Fazel, incorporates ballet moves like saut├ęs (jumps) and is designed to give lean, dancerlike results. (NY Magazine).


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