Friday, June 29, 2012

Ciao Bella

So, the Italians are advancing to the Euro2012 Cup finals and my sister-in-law is pursuing her culinary degree in Parma. Let's just say, Italy has been on my mind recently! 

After our wedding last year, the Mr. and I vacationed in Florence, Capri and the Amalfi Coast for more than two weeks. It was the most luxurious and memorable trip we've ever experienced. We're looking forward to going back someday to celebrate a milestone anniversary!

As we arranged our honeymoon, we separated the planning by city, so at each stop, one of us would be surprised. My husband was responsible for our weekend in Florence and he certainly outdid himself! 

{Walking through the garden to the Four Seasons Hotel Firenze}
We flew to Italy, from London, for a long weekend stay in Florence. As we arrived at our hotel, The Four Seasons Hotel Firenze, I felt as though we were approaching a castle. Which in fact, we were.

The Four Seasons Hotel Firenze occupies a 500 year old Palazzo, surrounded by the largest private garden in all of Florence. Everywhere we looked, the attention to detail was flawless. Even down to the 'congratulatory spread' that welcomed us to our room. After a full day of traveling, the fresh fruit, champagne and Italian red wine couldn't' have tasted better!

{Congratulatory bubbles to celebrate Mr. and Mr. Schneider}
While we both had been to Italy in the past, my husband and I had never been to this magical city together. Prior to our trip, we had grand plans of sightseeing and taking in everything the romantic city had to offer. However, that all changed when we arrived at our hotel. The grounds were so breathtaking and relaxing, we only left the Four Seasons once, to have dinner near the Ponte Vecchio.

During our stay, we splurged and enjoyed two days at the Spa. The space was calming and beautiful, and the perfect place to relax after a week full of celebrations and recent jet setting. We were even greeted with hibiscus tea and a chilled, perfumed towel, prior to our appointments. Leave it to the Four Seasons to highly exceed all expectations!

{The most luxurious trip to The Spa at The Four Seasons Hotel Firenze}

After our mornings at the Spa, we enjoyed walking around the estate. The private gardens had much to be admired. With gorgeous Italian fountains and sculptures situated along the trees and flowers, I felt as if I was exploring an outdoor museum.

September was the best time to visit Italy because the sun was shining every day. And, it was especially hot in Florence. Perfect weather for relaxing afternoons by the pool and treats of Pistachio gelato. 

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