Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summertime Style: Blush

When it comes to summertime fashion and accessories, bold colors and eclectic, geometric prints take center stage. I love everything about that energizing style... Except, how it looks on me.

Growing up, my Mom used to always tell me that my complexion made me a "Summer". And, while I didn't always completely understand what that meant, I did know that being the blonde haired, blue eyed, fair skined Swede that I am, brights weren't exactly my best friend. Warm-hues washed me out and anything I tried on in a cool based pastel ultimately ended up in my shopping bag. I guess it's safe to say, light neutrals will always overwhelm my closet.

One of my favorite shades is blush. It's classic, feminine and elegant almost any way you wear it. I'm loving this beach style as it's unexpected, yet perfect for a hot day by the water. I see it pairing perfectly with red lipstick and a matching pedicure, don't you agree?

*Image via dustjacketattic

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