Friday, June 22, 2012

Come On In... Take A Seat

New York City is an interesting place when it comes to living situations. Real estate is at a premium and square footage is, for the most part, non-existent.

When I moved here five years ago, I was fortunate to be able to live on my own. But, with that said, my studio was the size of a shoebox, fully equipped with a mini-fridge. It's very sad how similar that sounds to dorm-life!

(You would stop laughing, if I told you how much I was paying for rent).

So, when the Mr. and I finally found our "we're adults now" apartment in Tribeca, I have to be honest, I jumped for joy with excitement! And, I think screamed a little bit inside, too!

We absolutely love the space and I'm having a wonderful time browsing all the furniture and home decor boutiques, in search of the perfect accents for our home. Our approach to design is modern and minimalistic, with a touch of warmth. This style fits perfectly with the condo's aesthetics, which makes our building even more fitting.

As very few of our own things arrived with us as we moved (an International relocation is much more complicated than you would think), I've been trying to put together the apartment "room by room". Let's just say it's a work in progress.

I'm not the most decisive person when it comes to fashion and interiors because I like to see all my options. And, in a massive city like New York, you can imagine this takes a little time. I'd rather wait to find something I love, than purchase something quickly and only like it.

Today, I'm going to reveal the progress of the lounging area in the living room. We're so lucky to have high ceilings and an entire wall of windows. There's just something about natural light that feels so refreshing and airy.  To compliment this loft-like area, we chose a simple, grey sofa that was streamline, yet comfortable enough for the occasional weekend movie marathon. Bright, geometric accent pillows are always a great addition to any comfy couch. I found ours at Dwell Studio's new flagship shop in SoHo. 

{Dwell Studio, New Chevron Ash PillowDwell Studio, Labyrinth Persimmon Pillow}

When it came time to decide on a coffee table, the more delicate and invisible the shape, the better. Room & Board had some wonderful options. Ultimately, we decided on the Portica Cocktail Table. I absolutely love it. 

{Room & Board Portica Cocktail Table, Room & Board, Wool Cable RugDVF, Gold Leaf Square Coasters}

Sometimes, modern silhouettes tend to lack a feeling of warmth. To counter that, we purchased a gorgeous braided wool rug that is situated under both the sofa and the coffee table. It feels like a cozy sweater on your toes. And, it also disrupts the industrial feel of hardwood floors, granite countertops and glass windows. 

Granted, we're still in need of artwork, pictures and decorative accents, but I'm extremely happy with our lounging area (work in progress). And, truth be told, it's functional, yet stylish!

{Crate and Barrel, Cameron Queen Sleeper SofaAerin Brushed Nickel Floor Lamp}

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  1. Ellen, I love your decorating and furniture! Your comments are descriptive and fun to read. Keep posting your comments and pictures!