Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ella Makes... Sparkly Ankle Booties

{Andrea Linett, Barney's Co-op Glitter Back Boots}

I saw these adorable brown glitter back booties at Barney's Co-op in New York and LOVED them at first sight! They would be perfect to wear with skinny jeans (and during the Calgary Stampede)! However, when I saw the price, $595, they were hard to justify... Even with glitter! But, I could attempt to make them, which is exactly what I did!

I found these cute ankle boots at Old Navy... I haven't been into this store in years, but saw them in the window and couldn't resist... They're perfect for this project! 

The only other supplies needed: Clear drying craft glue, glitter, masking tape and a paint sponge or brush. I used Martha Stewart glitter in Bronze and it worked great.

Step 1: Place masking tape tightly around the area you want to be glittered. This will ensure you have clean lines when the glitter dries. Be very precise with the taping. 

Step 2: Mix the glue with a large amount of glitter. You want lots of glitter on your boots! Paint the glitter glue inside the taped area. Then, pour glitter over the glue and shake off any excess.

Step 3: After you have shaken off the excess glitter, the boots should look very sparkly. Allow the glitter glue to dry for one hour and then peel off the tape. The glue will still be wet, but you'll be able to clean up any uneven lines by removing the tape. Spray your boots with a fair amount of hair spray to set the glitter and let them dry overnight. 

Et Voila! The prettiest sparkly boots to make everyday a little more festive! 

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