Tuesday, December 20, 2011


{Soul Cycle Tribeca, NYC}

Hello, Lovelies!

We've been doing a fantastic job at making our Tuesdays a little bit healthier during the holidays... And, I think this should continue into 2012, don't you?

So, tonight I'm posting my "healthy tip" a bit early (in anticipation for tomorrow), so you have it well before your workout!

As you all know, I LOVE SPINNING! But, still cringe at the amount of money I've spent on Equinox and Soul Cycle classes... I honestly can't even begin to imagine, how scary?

While the classes are amazing, things occasionsly pop-up and you can't get there in time, or you feel like having a good workout on your own. And, sometimes I find I have the best rides when I'm all by myself, which is exactly what I did today... I burned 550 CALORIES IN 45 MINUTES!

Here's how I did it... I promise, all you need is some cute spin style and motivation!

{1. James Perse Tank; 2. iPhone; 3. Smart Water; 4. Nike Pro Compression Shorts; 5. Sidi Cycling Shoes}

I also recommend using a heart rate monitor, so you can measure your exertion. If you don't have one, no problem, just use your best judgement for how hard you're working.

This spinning session is 45 minutes long... Grab the playlist below and get ready to burn over 500 calories!

"Set Fire to the Rain" Adele (4:03).
"Good Life" One Republic (4:13).
"We Found Love" Rihanna (3:35).
"For the First Time" The Script (4:12).
"Her Diamonds" Rob Thomas (4:39).
"Walking on a Dream" Empire of the Sun (3:18).
"Pumped Up Kicks" Foster the People (3:39).
"Marry the Night" Lady Gaga (4:24).
"DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love" Usher & Pitbull (3:47).
"Super Bass" Nicki Minaj (3:19).
"Raise Your Glass" P!NK (3:23).
"I'm Yours" Jason Mraz (4:03).

Spin Workout
"Set Fire to the Rain" Adele (4.03)... Flat ride, 60% resistance, increase cadence as song progresses, legs are moving quite fast.

"Good Life" One Republic (4:13)... Seated climb, 70% resistance, keep a smooth cadence that syncs with the beat of the song.
"We Found Love" Rihanna (3:35)... Standing jog, 70% resistance, try not to bounce, legs are moving quite fast.

"For the First Time" The Script (4:12)... Steep seated climb, 80% resistance, legs are moving SLOW, you're feeling the burn and you want to stop... Keep going!

"Her Diamonds" Rob Thomas (4:39)... Stand 'er up! Steep standing climb, 80% resistance, you're still feeling the burn, but only for a few more minutes!

"Walking on a Dream" Empire of the Sun (3:18)... All resistance OFF, recover for the entire song, drink water!

"Pumped Up Kicks" Foster the People (3:59)... Seated run, 60% resistance, you feel as if you're going slightly faster than what's comfortable... Should be breathing hard by the end of the song.

"Marry the Night" Lady Gaga (4:24)... HARDEST song of the class! 75% resistance standing jog to start, SEATED SPRINT DURING REFRAIN... Continue with 75% resistance during verses... SEATED SPRINT DURING REFRAINS...Run it, only 4 minutes!

"DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love" Usher and Pitbull (3:47)... Back off the resistance to 50%, but keep running! Your legs are moving FAST!

"Super Bass" Nicki Minaj (3:19)... Stand up, 90% resistance for the climb! You're legs are moving the SLOWEST they have all class and are hurting! Almost done!

"Raise Your Glass" P!NK (3:23)... Back it off, this is a seated sprint at 60% resistance! Last song of the class... RUN, RUN, RUN it out!

"I'm Your's" Jason Mraz (4:03)... Cool Down! Back off all resistance, let your legs just relax. Try and slowly recover throughout the entire song.

And, we're DONE... 500 calories burned, guarenteed!

Let me know how you did :)

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